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New Level Of Understanding Life

We want to find meaning in our lives. Giving back and learning how to make a positive impact on others provides that meaning because it makes life about something much larger than ourselves. It fulfills our essential human need to feel significant as well as the human need to contribute. When we make an impact, we grow in our personal lives and make progress toward unlocking an extraordinary life. We break out of our limiting beliefs about how much good one person can actually do in the world and see firsthand that even the smallest acts of kindness can transform lives.

Why Southeast Asian Contemporary Art Needs More Chances ?

The Importance Of Giving Back

We ensure that your support achieves a remarkable rate of financial efficiency of Artists in Southeast Asia. This means that on average, 20% from the sale will directly support our artist their youth and families following with projects and programs to showcase, sell and increase their artworks visibility globally. We would like to kindly invite you explore hand-painted artworks by our featured collections. Whether you are looking for floral works, landscapes, seascapes, abstract and more, there will certainly be an artwork that connects with you on a personal level.

We also want to thank you cordially for your co-operation and significant contribution.